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Monk (Unchained) Archetypes

Black AspStunning Fist; Still Mindhe black asps are a sinister order of monks who train as assassins and infiltrators with no need for weapons to achieve their goals.
Disciple of WholnessKi Pool; Purity of Body; 4th, 12th, 14th level Ki Power Disciples of wholeness train to bring themselves and others closer to physical and spiritual perfection.
Invested Regent1st-level Bonus FeatThe invested regent can harness a divine spark to perform superhuman stunts, influence others, and escape injury.
Sage CouncilerClass Skills; 1st, 2nd, 6th, 10th-level Bonus Feat; 4th-level Ki PowerSage counselors are ascetics and mystics who leave the confines of the monastery walls to advise secular people about spiritual truths and to seek knowledge of the outside world.
Scaled FistBonus Feats; Still Mind; 4th, 12th-level Ki Power Scaled fists eschew passive introspection in favor of unshakable confidence. Steeped in traditions that trace their origins to the warrior-monks who trained under the tutelage of draconic masters in Tian Xia, scaled fists eschew passive introspection in favor of unshakable confidence. Scaled fists learn to combine brutal intimidation with the brazen ferocity of an ancient wyrm to devastate their foes.