7/4/15 3:50 PM PST

New material has been added to the Archives. Enjoy!
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New Additions
[RPG] Pathfinder Unchained
[Site] New PFS Symbol added (see below)
[Site] Search Engine refined

Coming Soon
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #93: Forge of the Giant God
[Campaign Setting] Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom
[Player Companion] Cohorts & Companions
[Player Companion] Heroes of the Wild

New PFS Symbol
I’ve added a new symbol to the Archives that looks like the usual Pathfinder Society glyph, but with a red ring (you can see examples of this on most of the non-core Races). This represents something that is allowed within Pathfinder Society, but only if you accept/meet certain caveats. Mouse over the symbol to find out what these caveats are. I’m working on a better solution for mobile devices, but for now it’s an indicator that you should check the Additional Resources page before you use it.

6/29/15 8:33 PM PST

Some of you may have noticed a new symbol on my website: the usual PFS-Legal symbol, but ringed in red. I’ve added this new symbol to represent material that is allowed with certain caveats or restrictions. It alerts you to check Paizo’s Additional Resources page for more details. Alternatively, you can just mouse over the symbol: the text should tell you what the restriction is.

Please let me know if you see anything you think I’ve missed. Otherwise, enjoy!

6/16/15 5:27 PM PST

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t made much of an update in a month or so. PaizoCon kept me busy for a week, then the Con Crud kept me busy for another week afterwards. You may have noticed that I still have been updating the site, just without much fanfare. Most of Pathfinder Unchained (at least the material I had planned to add) is up, with the new Classes/Eidolon material already live. I still need to add the sections for Combat Stamina and Skill Unlocks, those are next. After that, back to catching up on the usual books.

Again, sorry for the delay, material is coming! Even if I am rather quiet about it sometimes. :)

P.S. OH, I heard a lot of your feedback, and I’ve significantly simplified the Search engine. It still has all the same detail when it comes to results, just makes actually selecting the sections you want a bit easier.

4/28/15 9:20 PM PST

The following new releases have been added to the Archives. Enjoy!
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New Additions
[Campaign Setting] Tombs of Golarion
[Player Companion] Melee Tactics Toolbox

[RPG] Strategy Guide - nothing to add from this source to the Archives

4/8/15 9:02 AM PST

For a long time now, I’ve run the Archives of Nethys as a free resource for all Pathfinder fans. That’s not going to change. A few people have asked, however, if there are ways to contribute: to show appreciation, keep the servers running, what have you. In the past, I’ve just directed them to PayPal (the link on the left) and that was that. Enough have asked if there were other ways they could contribute beyond PayPal that I started to look around.

Well, I’ve gone ahead and signed up for Patreon. If you want to donate to the site, this may be the best way to do it now.

Please don’t think of this as a plea for money or other help. I’m fairly blessed with my situation right now, and every dollar I get I put back into the site in some way. I added a single big goal that represents what it would take for me to begin doing this full time and add a lot more features and tools that I think people would enjoy, along with a smaller "server improvement" one, but don’t think me ever doing this project (and others) full-time is the only goal of this. The Patreon is, simply put, just a different way to donate. If you like what I do and you’re able, then I appreciate anything you can send me. If you don’t want to, for *any* reason, then don’t. I’ll keep doing the site so long as I’m capable, whether the amount on Patreon is $0 or $1,000. You guys are the main reason I do what I do, and I would never change that.

Thanks in advance to everyone. You guys are great.