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7/12/17 11:52 PM PST

Hi everyone! Got some new updates for you, check out the full list below. Also, if you’ve sent me an email recently or some other form of communication and haven’t heard back - rest assured, your message was received. I’ve recently started a better bug tracking system for issues with the site, and am slowly adding all the issues I’ve received into that database. Everyone should get a response when the bug is fixed/addressed, sooner or later.


Announcement Threads


New Books

[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #109: In Search of Sanity
[Campaign Setting] Aquatic Adventures
[Module] Gallows of Madness
[Module] Ire of the Storm
[Module] We B4 Goblins!
[Player Companion] Adventurer’s Armory 2
[Player Companion] Heroes of the Darklands (was added in the last update, but its announcement was missed)
[RPG] Adventurer’s Guide

Site Changes

All orders and disciplines for the Hellknight can now be found in a new section within the Hellknight prestige class.
Subdomains will now reflect a more accurate mapping for each deity - previously the code was showing every subdomain that matched a domain that each deity possessed. The database is still being populated with some information, I will push out a database update as soon as the mappings are finished.
Concoctions have been added to Miscellaneous Equipment.
Armor Mods and Weapon Mods have been added to the Armor and Weapon sections.

6/12/17 9:01 PM PST

Hello! Things are crawling along over on my side of the planet. As my new job stabilizes and things get back to normal, I've been having some more time to work on a few new features I hope to launch soon on the site. Things like improvements to the advanced Spell search and work on a new custom one for Monsters! Lastly, a new section for Hellknight Disciplines and the expanded Orders is on the way.

Until then, enjoy the books, I hope to have things caught back up for everyone soon! Also, I fixed my email issue by migrating hosts, so please return to using my normal email as linked on my menu. Thanks!

New Material

[Campaign Setting] Inner Sea Intrigue
[Campaign Setting] Path of the Hellknight
[Player Companion] Legacy of the First World

5/30/17 4:16 PM PST

Hey everyone! Another update is coming soon, potentially a day or two later than 6/1 to get some extra books and functionality up.

The main thing I wanted to make everyone aware of is my email - my current host has been having issues with their email server since 5/1, I haven’t received any email since the start of the month. I’ve lost hope of them fixing it and recovering anything and am looking into a different host to migrate the site to. In any case, I wanted to make everyone aware that until I resolve the email issue, please shoot me messages to archivesofnethys at .

I’ll change the Contact Me link to the new email as well. Once I successfully migrate the domain I’ll likely swap back to the old one, so this is just a temporary solution. If you sent me any mail between 5/1-ish and now, please re-send it to my new gmail above.

5/2/17 9:44 PM PST

Hey everyone! Bit of a small update this month, I’ve been busy with job-hunt related things so apologies for that. Still was able to make a few needed changes and add some new books; in addition, Devin continues to be a great help with data entry. Check out all the new additions below!

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New Books

[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #106: For Queen & Empire
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #107: Scourge of the Godclaw
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #108: Hell Comes to Westcrown
[Player Companion] Monster Hunter’s Handbook

Site Changes

Comics and other Miscellaneous Sources A new section in Sources has been added, showcasing all of the Sources the Archives uses that don’t fit into one of the main product lines. Of particular note are mechanics added from the Comics line, thanks to Devin!

4/5/17 2:08 PM PST

Well, it certainly has been a while. I'm very sorry to everyone who's been waiting on me to make an update, I know I've been on radio silence for some time now, lots of "attacks of life". If you're interested in more detail, I go more into what's been going on over at my Facebook fan page. If, on the other hand, you just want to know what's been updated, just check out below!

Before I get into the full list, I wanted to call attention to a new page of mine: Contributors! This is a place where I can highlight the people who have helped me with code changes, database entry, and more. I wanted to give a major shoutout to Devin Burke in particular, who's been an enormous help at getting data added for over a dozen books, including both Ultimate Intrigue and Horror Adventures. He's been incredibly patient with my slow updates and in understanding the back-end systems; this update wouldn't be as packed as it is without his contribution. For full details on his (and other's) aid, check out the new page!

Oh, and if you've helped out in the past and aren't listed there, please send me an email! I want to make sure everyone gets credit for helping the Archives out when they do.

Announcement Threads


Errata Updates

[RPG] Ultimate Equipment

New Books

[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #103: The Hellfire Compact
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #104: Wrath of Thrune
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #105: The Inferno Gate
[Campaign Setting] Darklands Revisited
[Campaign Setting] Heaven Unleashed
[Campaign Setting] Inner Sea Faiths
[Module] Down the Blighted Path
[Player Companion] Arcane Anthology
[Player Companion] Armor Master's Handbook
[Player Companion] Blood of the Beast
[Player Companion] Blood of Shadows
[Player Companion] Divine Anthology
[Player Companion] Haunted Heroes Handbook
[Player Companion] Healer's Handbook
[Player Companion] Heroes of the High Court
[Player Companion] Legacy of Dragons
[Player Companion] Magic Tactics Toolbox
[Player Companion] Paths of the Righteous
[Player Companion] Psychic Anthology
[Player Companion] Spymaster's Handbook
[RPG] Horror Adventures
[RPG] Ultimate Intrigue

Site Changes

[Bard/Skald] Created page for advanced versatile performances.
[Bloodrager/Sorcerer] Created page for bloodline mutations.
[Cleric] Added variant domain powers to applicable domains (eg: Chaos Domain).
[Companion] Added new page for Drake Companions.
[Druid] Created page for druidic herbalism.
[Fighter] Created page for advanced armor training.
[Medium] Added outsider spirits and broke the different types into their own pages (Base, Legendary, Outsider).
[Monk (Unchained)] Created pages for ki powers and style strikes.
[Occultist] Added panoplies to the Implements page.
[Paladin] Created page for variant divine bonds.
[Shaman] Added functionality for spirit specializations on specific spirits (eg: Life Spirit).
[Skald] Created page for sagas.
[Vigilante] New section for the vigilante added, along with a page for talents.
[Warpriest] Added functionality for focused blessings on specific blessings (eg: Liberation Blessing).

[Equipment] Added torture implements section to Equipment.
[Feat] Added functionality for armor tricks.
[Feat] Added sections for armor mastery feats and shield mastery feats.
[Feat] Added sections for blood hex feats and trick feats.
[Magic Items] Updated rules and mechanics for fleshcrafting.
[Magic Items] Added new wondrous item section for favors.
[Magic Items] Added new wondrous item section for thrones.
[Misc] Added new page for contributors.
[Tools] Updated item generator with some Ultimate Equipment errata.