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She of the Six Venoms

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 318 (Amazon)
Pathfinder Wiki Aldinach


Alignment CE
Pantheon Demon Lords
Areas of Concern Sand, scorpions, thirst
Domains Animal, Chaos, Evil, Sun
Subdomains Demon (Chaos), Demon (Evil), Feather, Fur, Insect, Light, Thirst
Favored Weapon Kukri
Symbol Sandy gold scorpion
Sacred Animal(s) Scorpion
Sacred Color(s) Gold, orange


Pray to Aldinach while lying prone on sand for an hour, during which time you must eat at least one live scorpion. Gain a +4 profane bonus on saves against poison from vermin and effects that cause fatigue or exhaustion.

Boons - Demonic Obedience


Source Book of the Damned - Volume 2: Lords of Chaos pg. 10
1: Desert's Wrath (Sp) endure elements 3/day, glitterdust 2/day, or searing light 1/day
2: Raise Scorpion (Su) Once per day, you may cause a dead body within 60 feet to transform into a fiendish giant scorpion under your mental control. This transformation lasts for 1 round per level, after which the scorpion returns to its original corpse form. This is a polymorph effect.
3: Dehydrating Strike (Su) Once per day as a swift action, at any point when you successfully inflict damage on a target, you can cause that target to become instantly and painfully dehydrated if it fails a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + 1/2 your HD + your Constitution modifier). If the save is successful, the victim is staggered for 1 round. If the save fails, the victim takes 1d10 points of Strength drain, is stunned for 1 round, and is then staggered for 1d4 rounds after recovering from being stunned.

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