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Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 328 (Amazon)
Pathfinder Wiki Ovonovo


Alignment CE
Pantheon Nascent Demon Lords
Areas of Concern Sharks, shipwrecks
Domains Animal, Chaos, Evil, Water
Subdomains Blood, Catastrophe, Demon (Chaos), Demon (Evil), Oceans
Favored Weapon Punching dagger
Symbol Ship eaten by shark
Sacred Animal(s) Shark
Sacred Color(s) Blue, red


Allow a shark to bite you and then focus on the pain while floating in seawater. Gain a +4 profane bonus on saves against fear-based effects.

Boons - Demonic Obedience


Source Book of the Damned - Volume 2: Lords of Chaos pg. 39
1: First Boon (Sp) wood shape 1/day
2: Second Boon (Sp) summon monster IV (1d3 sharks only) 1/day
3: Third Boon (Sp) beast shape IV (sharks only) 1/day