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The Chained Maiden

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 320 (Amazon)
Pathfinder Wiki Shivaska


Alignment CE
Pantheon Demon Lords
Areas of Concern Aberrations, clocks, prisons
Domains Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Madness
Subdomains Demon (Chaos), Demon (Evil), Insanity, Loss, Nightmare
Favored Weapon Heavy flail
Symbol Clock face with 13 hours
Sacred Animal(s) Tarantula
Sacred Color(s) Brown, red


You must start an obedience to Shivaska at exactly the start of an hour. You must spend this hour bound with chains, rope, manacles, a straitjacket, or some similar restraint. While bound, you must recite prayers to the Chained Maiden and strain against your bindings enough to leave marks on your flesh for the remainder of the day. Gain a +4 profane bonus to your CMD.

Boons - Demonic Obedience


Source Book of the Damned - Volume 2: Lords of Chaos pg. 24
1: Maiden's Cry (Sp) lesser confusion 3/day, hold person 2/day, or ray of exhaustion 1/day
2: Binding Touch (Sp) Once per day, you can use binding, but only at a range of touch. You need not expend any material components to use this ability, nor can assistants aid you in its casting. You can only have one creature affected by this ability at any one time. If you successfully use this ability on a second creature, the previously bound creature is immediately freed. This ability is the equivalent of a 7th-level spell.
3: Unwind the Clock (Sp) You can use time stop once per day.

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