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Angel of Desolation

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 326 (Amazon)
Pathfinder Wiki Szuriel


Alignment NE
Pantheon Horsemen
Areas of Concern War
Domains Evil, Fire, Strength, War
Subdomains Blood, Daemon, Ferocity, Tactics
Favored Weapon Greatsword
Symbol Pale hand and black sword
Sacred Animal(s) Horse, vulture
Sacred Color(s) Red

For Followers of Szuriel


Aura of Succumbing


Black Sword of War, Bloody Tears and Jagged Smile


Covenant of Abaddon

Unique Summon Rules

Source Pathfinder #71: Rasputin Must Die! pg. 70
Summon Monster III: Cacodaemon
Summon Monster IV: Fiendish urdefhan
Summon Monster V: Genthodaemon
Summon Monster V: Nightmare