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God of the Troglodytes

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 320 (Amazon)
Pathfinder Wiki Zevgavizeb


Alignment CE
Pantheon Demon Lords
Areas of Concern Caverns, reptiles, troglodytes
Domains Animal, Chaos, Evil, Strength
Subdomains Demon (Chaos), Demon (Evil), Ferocity, Resolve, Saurian
Favored Weapon Spiked gauntlet
Symbol Twisted, taloned tentacle
Sacred Animal(s) Dinosaur
Sacred Color(s) Black, green


In a cavern, impale a living sacrifice on a stalagmite so that the creature does not die immediately. Dance around the sacrifice while shouting prayers to Zevgavizeb, taking time every 10 minutes to push the impaled creature further down the stalagmite. Time the dance so that at the end, the creature is at the stalagmite’s base—it need not survive to the end of the dance. Gain a +4 profane bonus on saving throws against special attacks and spells originating from reptilian creatures.

Boons - Demonic Obedience


Source Book of the Damned - Volume 2: Lords of Chaos pg. 28
1: Zevgavizeb's Blessing (Sp) charm animal (reptiles only) 3/ day, darkness 2/day, or greater magic fang 1/day
2: Children of the Caves (Sp) Once per day you can use summon monster IX as a spell-like ability, but only to summon 1 fiendish tyrannosaurus, 1d3 fiendish elasmosauruses, or 1d4+1 fiendish ankylosauruses.
3: Primeval Might (Ex) You become infused with primeval power, and gain a +4 profane bonus to Constitution and your natural armor.

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