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Monster Hunter's Kit

Source Monster Hunter's Handbook pg. 27
Price 257 gp Monster hunter's kit (abberation), 224 gp Monster hunter's kit (fey), 232 gp Monster hunter's kit (ooze), 202 gp Monster hunter's kit (regular); Weight 15 1/2 lbs. Monster hunter's kit (abberation), 15 1/2 lbs. Monster hunter's kit (fey), 17 lbs. Monster hunter's kit (ooze), 15 lbs. Monster hunter's kit (regular)


This kit includes a bear trapUE, a footprint bookUE, a scent cloakUE, and monster bait and an odor stalk keyed to a specific creature type. The kit also contains the following additional items if designed to hunt the following creature types.

Aberration: The kit contains a dose of soothe syrupUE and a dose of wismuth salixUE (+55 gp).

Fey: The kit’s bear trap is made of cold iron, and the kit includes one dose of cold iron weapon blanchUE (+22 gp).

Ooze: The kit contains two alkali flasksAPG (+30 gp).