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Plasma blade

Source Pathfinder #100: A Song of Silver pg. 105


Cost 12,000 gp
Type one-handed melee; Proficiency exotic; Weight 3 lbs.
Damage 1d8 (small), 1d10 (medium); Damage Type E and F; Critical 19-20/x3
Range —; Capacity 10; Usage 1 charge/minute; Special Touch


When activated, a plasma blade’s heavy, ornate handle projects a quantum field that contains energized plasma in a 2- to 3-foot-long “blade.” Attacks made with a plasma blade resolve as touch attacks. Half the damage it deals is electricity and the other half is fire. When the wielder attacks an object, damage from a plasma blade ignores the first 20 points of hardness and its damage is not halved (even though energy damage is usually halved when applied to objects). Thanks to its quantum containment, a plasma blade deals half damage against incorporeal creatures, despite not being a magical weapon.


Craft DC 0; Cost gp