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Light Weapons

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeWeightTypeSpecial
Blade boot25 gp1d31d4x22 lbs.Psee text
Boarding axe6 gp1d41d6x33 lbs.P or S
Boarding, axe6 gp1d41d6x33 lbs.P or S
Butterfly sword20 gp1d31d419-20/x21 lb.Smonk
Cat-o'-nine-tails1 gp1d31d4x21 lb.Sdisarm, nonlethal
Dogslicer8 gp1d41d619-20/x21 lb.Sfragile
Dueling dagger12 gp1d31d419-20/x210 ft.1 lb.P or Ssee text
Gladius15 gp1d41d619-20/x23 lbs.P or Sperformance
Handaxe6 gp1d41d6x33 lbs.S
Iron brush2 gp1d21d3x210 ft.P
Jutte8 gp1d41d6x21 lb.Bdisarm, monk
Katar, tri-bladed6 gp1d31d4x42 lbs.P
Kerambit2 gp1d21d3x3S
Kukri8 gp1d31d418-20/x22 lbs.S
Light hammer1 gp1d31d4x220 ft.2 lbs.B
Light pick4 gp1d31d4x43 lbs.P
Light shield3 gp/9 gp1d21d3x2specialB
Lungchuan tamo5 gp1d31d4x210 ft.1 lb.P or Smonk
Machete10 gp1d41d619-20/x22 lbs.S
Sap1 gp1d41d6x22 lbs.Bnonlethal
Sea-knife8 gp1d31d419-20/x21 lb.S
Shang gou6 gp1d31d4x21 lb.Sdisarm or trip, monk
Short sword10 gp1d41d619-20/x22 lbs.P
Spiked armor+50 gp1d41d6x2specialP
Spiked light shield13 gp/19 gp1d31d4x2specialP
Starknife24 gp1d31d4x320 ft.3 lbs.P
Switchblade knife5 gp1d31d419-20/x210 ft.1 lb.P
Tailblade, ratfolk11 gp1d21d3x21/2 lb.S
Throwing axe8 gp1d41d6x210 ft.2 lbs.S
Tonfa1 gp1d41d6x21 lb.Bblocking, monk
War razor8 gp1d31d419-20/x21 lb.S
Wushu dart2 sp1d21d3x210 ft.Pmonk

One-Handed Weapons

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeWeightTypeSpecial
Ankus8 gp1d61d8x25 lbs.Pdisarm, trip
Battleaxe10 gp1d61d8x36 lbs.S
Combat scabbard1 gp1d41d6x21 lb.Bimprovised, see text
Combat scabbard, sharpened10 gp1d41d6x21 lb.Ssee text
Cutlass15 gp1d41d618-20/x24 lbs.S
Double chicken saber12 gp1d41d619-20/x23 lbs.Sdisarm, monk
Gandasa15 gp1d62d4x34 lbs.S
Heavy pick8 gp1d41d6x46 lbs.P
Heavy shield7 gp/20 gp1d31d4x2specialB
Klar12 gp1d41d6x26 lbs.Ssee text
Light flail8 gp1d61d8x25 lbs.Bdisarm, trip
Longsword15 gp1d61d819-20/x24 lbs.S
Manople17 gp1d61d8x24 lbs.P or Sblocking, disarm
Nine-ring broadsword15 gp1d61d8x34 lbs.Smonk
Rapier20 gp1d41d618-20/x22 lbs.P
Scimitar15 gp1d41d618-20/x24 lbs.S
Scizore20 gp1d81d10x23 lbs.Pperformance
Sibat2 gp1d41d6x310 ft.2 lbs.P or Sgrapple
Spiked heavy shield17 gp/30 gp1d41d6x2specialP
Sword cane45 gp1d41d6x24 lbs.P
Terbutje5 gp1d61d819-20/x22 lbs.Sfragile
Terbutje, steel20 gp1d61d819-20/x24 lbs.S
Trident15 gp1d61d8x210 ft.4 lbs.Pbrace
Warhammer12 gp1d61d8x35 lbs.B

Two-Handed Weapons

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeWeightTypeSpecial
Bardiche13 gp1d81d1019-20/x214 lbs.Sbrace, reach, see text
Bec de corbin15 gp1d81d10x312 lbs.B or Pbrace, reach, see text
Bill11 gp1d61d8x311 lbs.Sbrace, disarm, reach, see text
Earth breaker40 gp1d102d6x314 lbs.B
Falchion75 gp1d62d418-20/x28 lbs.S
Glaive8 gp1d81d10x310 lbs.Sreach
Glaive-guisarme12 gp1d81d10x310 lbs.Sbrace, reach, see text
Greataxe20 gp1d101d12x312 lbs.S
Greatclub5 gp1d81d10x28 lbs.B
Greatsword50 gp1d102d619-20/x28 lbs.S
Guisarme9 gp1d62d4x312 lbs.Sreach, trip
Halberd10 gp1d81d10x312 lbs.P or Sbrace, trip
Heavy flail15 gp1d81d1019-20/x210 lbs.Bdisarm, trip
Hooked lance3 gp1d61d8x410 lbs.Preach, trip
Horsechopper10 gp1d81d10x312 lbs.P or Sreach, trip
Lance10 gp1d61d8x310 lbs.Preach
Lizard king war trident20 gpsee textsee textx310 ft.12 lbs.Pbrace
Lucerne hammer15 gp1d101d12x212 lbs.B or Pbrace, reach, see text
Mattock12 gp1d62d4x412 lbs.Pfragile
Monk's spade20 gp1d4/1d41d6/1d6x212 lbs.B or P or Sdouble, monk
Naginata35 gp1d61d8x49 lbs.Sreach
Nodachi60 gp1d81d1018-20/x28 lbs.S or Pbrace
Ogre hook24 gp1d81d10x310 lbs.Ptrip
Pickaxe14 gp1d61d8x412 lbs.P
Planson10 gp1d81d10x210 lbs.B or Pbrace
Ranseur10 gp1d62d4x312 lbs.Pdisarm, reach
Rhomphaia15 gp1d62d4x310 lbs.P or Sbrace, fragile, reach
Sansetsukon8 gp1d81d1019-20/x23 lbs.Bblocking, disarm, monk
Sarissa12 gp1d61d8x312 lbs.Pbrace, reach, see text
Scythe18 gp1d62d4x410 lbs.P or Strip
Syringe spear100 gp1d61d8x320 ft.6 lbs.Pbrace, see text
Tepoztopilli8 gp1d81d1019-20/x28 lbs.P or Sfragile, reach
Tiger fork5 gp1d61d8x28 lbs.Pbrace, monk
Tri-point double-edged sword12 gp1d81d10x314 lbs.Preach

Ranged Weapons

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeWeightTypeSpecial
Amentum1d41d6x250 ft.1 lb.Pperformance
Atlatl2 gp1d41d6x250 ft.2 lbs.P
Chakram1 gp1d61d8x230 ft.1 lb.S
Composite longbow100 gp1d61d8x3110 ft.3 lbs.P
Composite shortbow75 gp1d41d6x370 ft.2 lbs.P
Gastraphetes65 gp1d101d1219-20/x2120 ft.12 lbs.P
Hunga munga4 gp1d41d6x215 ft.3 lbs.P
Hurlbat8 gp1d41d6x310 ft.2 lbs.P and S
Javelin1 gp2 lbs.
Jolting dart100 gp1d31d4x220 ft.1/2 lb.Psee text
Longbow75 gp1d61d8x3100 ft.3 lbs.P
Phaleros5 gp1d41d6x220 ft.3 lbs.P
Pilum5 gp1d61d8x220 ft.4 lbs.Psee text
Poisoned sand tube1 gpspecialspecial1 lb.see text
Shortbow30 gp1d41d6x360 ft.2 lbs.P
Spear-sling50 gp1d61d8x3see text2 lbs.Psee text
Throwing arrow cord1d31d4x260 ft.P
Tube arrow shooter3 gp1d31d4x240 ft.1/2 lb.P