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Bloody Sabres (Combat)

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 208 (Amazon)
Imitating the forms of your god, you strike deep and inflict a bloody wound.

Prerequisites: Dex 15, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (sawtooth sabre), Two-Weapon Fighting, worshiper of Achaekek.

Benefit: If you hit an opponent with both your primary weapon and your off-hand weapon as part of the same attack action, and both of those weapons are sawtooth sabres, you deal 1 point of bleed damage in addition to the normal damage dealt by these attacks.

Combat Trick

Source Weapon Master's Handbook pg. 24 (Amazon)
You can spend 2 stamina points when dealing bleed damage with the Bloody Sabres feat to increase the amount of bleed damage your opponent takes by 1.