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Monstrous Masquerade

Source Monster Hunter's Handbook pg. 15
When you disguise yourself as a monstrous humanoid, you can gain some of its qualities.

Prerequisites: Monstrous Disguise, Disguise 9 ranks, Knowledge (nature) 9 ranks.

Benefit: When you use the Monstrous Disguise feat to assume the shape of a monstrous humanoid, you can gain a rudimentary version of one of that creature’s abilities selected from the following list: climb 10 feet, fly 20 feet (clumsy maneuverability), swim 20 feet, damage reduction 3/magic, or resistance 5 to one energy type. Preparing a disguise in this way takes 1 additional hour and costs an extra 500 gp. The bonus ability granted by this feat has a 25% chance to cease functioning every hour after you apply the disguise. This disguise automatically falls apart after 8 hours.