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Sunder Blessing (Combat)

Source Agents of Evil pg. 19
Your disdain for authority allows you to tear away the blessings of the gods.

Prerequisites: Disruptive, fighter level 8th.

Benefit: You can attempt to sunder an ongoing divine spell effect or divine spell-like ability by succeeding at a combat maneuver check. For any effect other than one on a creature, you must succeed at a combat maneuver check against a CMD of 15 + the effect’s caster level. To sunder an effect on a creature, you must succeed at a normal sunder combat maneuver check against the creature’s CMD + 5, ignoring any miss chance caused by a spell or spell-like ability. On a success, you suppress the effect for 1 round. If you exceed the CMD by 5 or more, you suppress the effect for 2 rounds. If you exceed the CMD by 10 or more, the effect is dispelled instead. If you fail to sunder a spell, you cannot attempt to sunder that effect again for 1 minute.