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Source Pathfinder #102: Breaking the Bones of Hell pg. 13
Aura strong necromancy CL 17th
Slot weapon; Price —; Weight 2 lbs.


On a successful critical hit, this +5 unholy kukri deals 2 points of bleed damage, which stack with any bleed damage already caused by the attack. Each time the wielder strikes a blow that deals bleed damage with this weapon, she gains a number of temporary hit points equal to the amount of bleed damage dealt. No temporary hit points are gained if the target was already bleeding, even for a lesser amount. Temporary hit points bestowed by Balgorrah last for 1 minute.

Balgorrah can cast bleed at will (and does so automatically if there are any dying creatures within 30 feet), can cast death knell three times per day, and can cast fear once per day. The kukri’s special purpose is to defend servants of Norgorber, and when wielded by a devout worshiper of Norgorber, it grants a +2 luck bonus on attacks, saves, and checks.


Balgorrah must be used to slay a 15th- or higher-level cleric of Norgorber, at which point it reverts to its dormant version (see page 36 of Pathfinder Adventure Path #98: Turn of the Torrent) and can be destroyed normally by taking damage.