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Prestige Classes

Agent of the GravePromising servant of the Whispering Way.
Aldori Swordlord Disciplined duelist from Brevoy.
Arcane ArcherAn arcane spellcaster who draws upon ancient elven traditions to infuse his arrows with potent magical power.
Arcane TricksterA troublemaker and a scoundrel who uses arcane magic to enhance her thievery and trickery.
Arclord of Nex Formally trained Nexian diviner.
Ashavic DancerServants of Ashava who use mystical danaces to bring rest to the undead
Aspis Agent Unscrupulous mercenary treasure hunter.
AssassinA remorseless murderer who kills for money and the sheer thrill of death-dealing.
Balanced Scale of AbadarTreasure seeking servant of Abadar.
Battle HeraldA veteran whose masterful tactics and air of command inspire allies to greater feats of heroism.
Bellflower Tiller Halfling freedom fighter of Cheliax.
Blackfire Adept Evil summoner of fiends.
BloatmageMaster of the arcane art of hemotheurgy.
BrewkeeperSacred brewers of Cayden Cailean who can distill spells into liquor
Brightness SeekerRevered seer of elven-kind.
Brother of the Seal Guardian of ancient secrets.
Champion of Irori Devout hand-to-hand master.
ChevalierA heroic do-gooder with Cayden Cailean aspirations.
Crimson TemplarHoly warriors of Ragathiel who fight the forces of Hell with sacred fire
CyphermageStudent of ancient history and runic lore, with a particular focus on the monuments and magics of ancient Thassilon.
Daggermark Poisoner Devious and crafty toxicologist.
DaivratFriend of genies, diplomat amongst their kind.
DarechaserAthletes of Kurgess who push themselves to exceed their limits
Dawnflower AnchoriteHermits of Sarenrae who channel light to smite their foes.
Dawnflower Dissident Secretive emissary of Sarenrae.
DemoniacServant to a powerful Demon Lord.
Devoted MuseMuses of Shelyn who have mastered an artistic form of combat for self-defense
DiabolistThose who seek to control the power of Hell.
Divine ScionChosen by a god to fulfill a sacred mission, the divine scion has the spark of divinity within them.
Dragon DiscipleAn arcane spellcaster who has embraced his latent draconic heritage and, over the course of training and devotion, undergoes a partial transformation into a dragon.
DuelistA swashbuckling swordfighter who relies upon grace, poise, and acrobatics to win the day.
Eldritch KnightAn arcane spellcaster who augments his magical skills with combat to create a deadly combination of weapons and magic.
Envoy of BalanceStanding beyond good and evil, outside law and chaos, an envoy of balance serves as the countering force against any extremism that seeks to elevate one alignment above all others.
EvangelistOf all the preeminent followers of the core deities, the evangelist is the hardest to predict and shows the most variety in her abilities.
ExaltedThe exalted exemplifies the teachings of her faith. More than a religious leader, she is the embodiment of faith that all members of the religion strive to emulate.
Genie BinderA specialist in the art of conjuring and binding genies.
Golden Legionnaire High-ranking protector of Andoran.
Gray Gardener Deadly agent of the Revolutionary Council.
Green Faith Acolyte Talented member of a druidic order.
Halfling OpportunistHalfling that makes his own luck.
HarrowerSpellcaster who can weave Harrow cards into her spells.
HellknightDisciplined executer of law.
Hellknight Signifer Masked, magic-wielding Hellknight.
Heritor KnightKnights of Iomedae that seek to emulate her mortal life.
HinterlanderArchers of Erastil that guard frontier towns
Holy VindicatorA pious warrior who spreads religion at the edge of a sword.
Horizon WalkerA scout and wanderer comfortable in even the strangest terrain.
Inheritor's CrusaderRighteous champion of Iomedae.
Inner Sea PiratePirates of the Inner Sea region sail many different bodies of water in search of plunder.
JusticarHoly enforcer of the teachings of Abadar.
Knight of Ozem Zealous destroyer of undead.
Lantern Bearer Elven eradicator of drow.
LiberatorThe hope of slaves everywhere.
Lion BladeMember of Taldor's most secretive school of fighting arts.
Living MonolithLiving monoliths are mortals who willingly take on the mantle of immortal warriors through ritual and devotion, imbuing themselves with the patience and eternal strength of stone.
LoremasterA spellcaster who devotes his life to research and rumination upon the mysteries of the world.
Low TemplarGreedy crusader fighting the denizens of the Worldwound.
Magaambyan Arcanist Benevolent student of Old-Mage Jatembe.
Mammoth Rider Tamer of beasts in the northern wilds.
Master ChymistAn alchemist whose mutagens create an alternate, brutish personality.
Master SpyAn espionage expert specializing in disguises and striking swiftly from the shadows.
Mystery CultistThese zealots hone their spellcasting powers in honor of their patron empyreal lord and dedicate their lives to the teachings of this entity.
Mystic TheurgeEqually devoted to divine and arcane magic, the mystic theurge combines both magical traditions into one incredibly diverse class.
Nature WardenA master of the wilderness bonded spiritually to a fearsome animal companion.
Noble Scion Resource-laden member of foreign royalty.
Pain TasterFor pain tasters, agony is more than a pleasure—it’s a path to power.
Pathfinder ChroniclerAn explorer at heart, the Pathfinder chronicler travels to distant, exotic lands to expand her knowledge of the world.
Pathfinder DelverGrand adventure seeker of the Pathfinder Society.
Pathfinder Field AgentEquipped with a variety of skills and trained to keep a cool head even in the most dire circumstances, a practiced Pathfinder field agent is a boon to any adventuring party.
Pathfinder SavantMaster sage of the Pathfinder Society.
Pit Fighter Gladiatorial brawler and performer.
Prophet of Kalistrade Savvy mercantile spellcaster.
Pure Legion EnforcerThe Pure Legion is a government-sponsored military organization created to enforce the Laws of Man within Rahadoum’s borders and territorial waters.
Rage ProphetA bold and barbaric champion who embraces otherworldly powers in order to perfect the art of combat.
Razmiran Priest False divine caster of Razmir.
Red Mantis AssassinElite assassin of the Red Mantis cult.
RiftwardenSealer of extraplanar portals.
Rose WardenChampions of Milani who protect and guide revolutions
RuneguardArcanists of Soralyon who use the benevolent form of ancient Thassilonian rune magic
Sacred SentinalGuardians of Torag that serve as a shield for their allies.
Scar SeekerFollowers of Vildeis who scar their bodies to prove their devotion
SentinelThe sentinel is a warrior who receives special powers in exchange for his service to a deity, and often serves as a guard for the deity’s clergy.
Shackles PirateGifted pirate of the Shackles.
ShadowdancerA mysterious adventurer who walks the boundaries between the real world and the realm of shadows, and who can command shadows to do her bidding.
Shieldmarshal Gun-wielding officer of Alkenstar.
Skyseeker Excavator of dwarven Sky Citadels.
Sleepless Detective Expert urban sleuthhound.
Soul WardenBygone products of an ancient war, soul wardens are an enigma of themselves. The original soul wardens were a specially trained cadre of anti-necromantic commandos in the Nexian army during the Age of Destiny.
SouldrinkerPledged to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the souldrinker learns the worst of daemonic magic while gaining the ability to bind and devour souls.
Sphere SingerWanderers of Desna who manipulate dreams and luck to aid their travels
SpherewalkerMagical traveler of Desna.
Stalwart DefenderA master of defending territory and holding the line at all costs.
StargazerAstronomers of Pulura who look to the heaven for guidance
Steel FalconMember of Andoran's elite military force.
Storm Kindler Gozreh-worshiping hurricane hunter.
Student of WarLearned martial scholar of the Pathfinder Society.
Tattooed Mystic Wandering Varisian magician.
TechnomancerThe true power in Numeria lies with the Technic League, not the Black Sovereign, and it is technomancers who rule the League.
Thuvian AlchemistUsing the long-neglected art of herbalism and the reinvigorated science of alchemy, the Thuvian Alchemist specializes on a practice that combines the two.
Ulfen GuardAfter centuries of raiding and pillaging throughout Avistan, the Ulfen have earned their reputation for ferocity and fearlessness. Though seemingly at odds with this perception of barbarism, Ulfen are also known for their staunch loyalty, strong sense of honor, and unyielding resolve.
Umbral Court Agent Nidalese shadow saboteur.
Veiled Illusionist Shadowy shapechanger.
Winter WitchMaster of ice and snow.