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Horror Adventures

Estimated Release Date: 8/7/2016
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Archetypes [37]

Blood Alchemist (Alchemist), Bloody Jake (Slayer), Cult Hunter (Investigator), Dark Elementalist (Kineticist), Death Druid (Druid), Devolutionist (Druid), Dreadnought (Barbarian), Dreamstalker (Mesmerist), Elder Mythos Cultist (Cleric), Eldritch Mythos Scholar (Wizard), Exciter (Spiritualist), Experimenter (Vigilante), Family Hunter (Slayer), Fearsome Defender (Barbarian), Gaslighter (Mesmerist), Gingerbread Witch (Witch), Gravedigger (Investigator), Hallowed Necromancer (Wizard), Hangman (Vigilante), Hate-Monger (Mesmerist), Haunt Collector (Occultist), Hexenhammer (Inquisitor), Life Channeler (Druid), Living Grimoire (Inquisitor), Mad Scientist (Alchemist), Martyr (Paladin), Mooncursed (Barbarian), Necrologist (Spiritualist), Profiler (Investigator), Psychokinetcist (Kineticist), Serial Killer (Vigilante), Soul Sentinel (Paladin), Talisman Crafter (Occultist), Tatterdemalion (Witch), Tortured Crusader (Paladin), Undead Master (Wizard), Witch Killer (Slayer)

Barbarian Rage Powers [7]

Cult Totem (Ex), Cult Totem, Greater (Ex), Cult Totem, Lesser (Ex), Daemon Totem (Su), Daemon Totem, Greater (Su), Daemon Totem, Lesser, Flight Response

Cleric Domains [1]


Feats [61]

Absorb Spirit, Aura Flare, Blood Feast, Blood Spurt, Bouncing Spell-Like Ability, Brutal Coup de Grace, Brute Assault, Brute Stomp, Brute Style, Bully Breed, Clarity of Pain, Consume Essence, Contagious Spell, Deadhand Initiate, Deadhand Master, Deadhand Style, Disconcering Knowledge, Disrupting Fist, Disruptive Spell-Like Ability, Enemy Cult, Engulf Horror, Engulf Revulsion, Exorcising Mutilation, Exsanguinate, Fear Eater, Fearsome Spell-Like Ability, Fleshwarper, Ghost Guide, Gruesome Shapechanger, Horrific Gorging, Incorporeal Intuition, Intensified Spell-Like Ability, Kyton Cut, Kyton Shield, Kyton Style, Latching Horror, Lifeless Gaze, Lingering Spell-Like Ability, Maddening Obliteration, Maddening Strike, Maddening Style, Mutilating Ritualist, Profane Studies, Protector of the People, Purging Emesis, Putrid Summons, Reach Spell-Like Ability, Sacrificial Adept, Sacrificial Ritualist, Scarring Spell-Like Ability, Shatter Control, Sickening Spell-Like Ability, Skin Suit, Spawnlink, Spirit Speaker, Stubborn Curse, Touch of Evil, Traumatic Spell-Like Ability, Twisted Love, Unyielding Ferocity, Zealous Mind

Kineticist Wild Talents [2]

Elemental Whispers, Elemental Whispers, Greater

Medium Spirits [6]

Butcher (Champion), Deceiver (Trickster), Heratic (Hierophant), Lich (Archmage), Terminator (Guardian), Warmonger (Marshal)

Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [22]

Dwarf - Paladin, Dwarf - Spiritualist, Dwarf - Wizard, Elf - Mesmerist, Elf - Sorcerer, Elf - Witch, Gnome - Druid, Gnome - Kinetcist, Gnome - Magus, Gnome - Rogue, Half-Elf - Cleric, Half-Elf - Oracle, Half-Elf - Ranger, Halfling - Barbarian, Halfling - Cavalier, Halfling - Monk, Half-Orc - Alchemist, Half-Orc - Bard, Half-Orc - Fighter, Human - Inquisitor, Human - Occultist, Human - Psychic

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [41]

Halfling - Acquisitive, Human - Aquatic Ancestory, Halfling - Attentive, Dwaf - Barrow Scholar, Dwarf - Barrow Warden, Halfling - Blessed, Elf - Blightborn, Elf - Creepy, Halfling - Creepy Doll, Halfling - Deep Jungle, Half-Elf - Dreamer, Gnome - Fairy Catcher, Human - Giant Ancestory, Half-Orc - Innured, Gnome - Inquisitive, Halfling - Irrepressible, Elf - Keeper of Secrets, Elf - Light against Darkness, Elf - Long-Limbed, Half-Elf - Mismatched, Half-Orc - Monstrous Sympathy, Half-Elf - Multidisciplined, Half-Orc - Pain Tolerance, Elf - Perfect, Human - Piety, Half-Orc - Projection, Human - Psychic Defense, Human - Rationalize, Human - Reptilian Ancestory, Halfling - Resourceful, Half-Elf - Round Ears, Dwarf - Sense Aberration, Gnome - Shadow Dodger, Gnome - Shadow Foe, Elf - Slender, Half-Orc - Smog Sight, Gnome - Stalker, Half-Elf - Starchild, Half-Orc - Stoic, Dwarf - Tightfisted, Dwarf - Viscous Blood

Spells [17]

Absurdity, Alleviate Corruption, Appearance of Life, Assume Appearance, Assume Appearance, Greater, Ban Corruption, Barbed Chains, Blood Ties, Bloodbath, Boneshaker, Borrow Corruption, Charnel House, Compelling Rant, Contact Entities IV, Contact Entity I, Contact Entity II, Contact Entity III

Subdomains [3]

Dark Tapestry, Isolation, Stars

Witch Patrons [6]

Conspiracies, Decadence, Entropy, Nightmares, Revenge, Space