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Ultimate Wilderness

Estimated Release Date: 11/15/2017
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Alchemist Discoveries [6]

Bitter Pill (Su), Grounding Goo* (Su), Pheromones (Su), Solid Ground* (Su), Thorny Bomb* (Su), Volumizer (Su)

Archetypes [58]

Aerie Protector (Druid), Aromaphile (Mesmerist), Blighted Defiler (Kineticist), Brutish Swamper (Barbarian), Cartographer (Investigator), Cave Dweller (Barbarian), Chameleon Adept (Hunter), Cultivator (Bard), Dinosaur Druid (Druid), Elementalist Shifter (Shifter), Feral Striker (Brawler), Fey Courtier (Bard), Fey Prankster (Rogue), Fiendflesh Shifter (Shifter), Filidh (Bard), Forester (Hunter), Geomancer (Occultist), Green Knight (Cavalier), Herbalist (Alchemist), Horticulturist (Alchemist), Ice Chemist (Alchemist), Leafshifter (Shifter), Leshy Warden (Druid), Leshykineticist (Kineticist), Living Avalanche (Brawler), Menhir Guardian (Monk), Natural Philosopher (Investigator), Naturalist (Occultist), Occult Historian (Occultist), Oozemorph (Shifter), Pack Hunter (Barbarian), Patient Ambusher (Hunter), Plant Master (Hunter), Plant Speaker (Bard), Rageshaper (Shifter), Raging Cannibal (Barbarian), River Druid (Druid), Road Keeper (Druid), Rot Warden (Druid), Saurian Champion (Cavalier), Scarab Stalker (Hunter), Season Sage (Druid), Sharptooth (Barbarian), Skirmisher (Fighter), Star Watcher (Investigator), Terrakineticist (Kineticist), Thundercaller (Bard), Treestrider (Hunter), Tribal Fighter (Fighter), Turfer (Brawler), Venomfist (Brawler), Verdant Grappler (Brawler), Verdant Shifter (Shifter), Viking (Fighter), Wasteland Meditant (Monk), Water Dancer (Monk), Weretouched (Shifter), Wildborn (Barbarian)

Barbarian Rage Powers [17]

Autumn Rage (Su), Bestial Flyer (Ex), Contagious Rage (Su), Dissipating Rage (Su), Eclipsing Rage (Su), Eclipsing Rage, Greater (Su), Hissing Rage (Su), Lizard Stride (Su), Pack Rage (Ex), Raging Flyer (Ex), Raging Whirlwind (Su), Spring Rage (Su), Summer Rage (Su), Tyrant Totem (Ex), Tyrant Totem, Greater (Su), Tyrant Totem, Lesser (Ex), Winter Rage (Su)

Bloodrager Bloodlines [1]


Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Green

Classes [1]


Druid Domains [2]

Erosion, Vermin

Equipment (Misc.) [7]

Animal repellent, Fortifying fertilizer, Riding bee (combat-trained queen), Riding bee (combat-trained worker), Riding bee (queen), Riding bee (worker), Wing hooks

Feats [14]

Advanced Gathlain Magic, Climbing Vine, Delectable Feint, Greater Gathlain Magic, Green Tongue, Inner Light, Kudzu Grappler, Photosynthetic Healing, Reactive Reversion, Seasoned Flier, Sproutling, Superior Gathlain Magic, Symbiotic Resilience, Wandering Mind

Kineticist Elements [1]


Kineticist Wild Talents [36]

Autumn Blast, Basic Phytokinesis, Brachiation, Flesh of Wood, Forest Siege, Foxfire, Foxfire Infusion, Green Tongue, Green Tongue, Greater, Greensight, Healing Burst, Herbal Antivenom, Merciful Foliage, Photokinetic Infusion, Plant Disguise, Plant Puppet, Positive Admixture, Positive Blast, Roots, Shape Wood, Spore Infusion, Spring Blast, Summer Blast, Thorn Flesh, Toxic Infusion, Toxic Infusion, Greater, Tree Step, Verdant Blast, Warp Wood, Wild Growth, Winter Blast, Wood Blast, Wood Healer, Wood Soldiers, Woodland Step, Woodland Step, Greater

Magic Items (Plants) [1]

Breezeblown Dandelion

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [7]

Bottled Sunlight, Harness of Grabbing Vines, Harness of Hovering, Herald Seed, Propagation Pod, Shrinking Berries, Slippers of the Primordial Wilds

Races [3]

Gathlain, Ghoran, Vine Leshy

Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [36]

Dwarf - Shifter, Elf - Shifter, Gathlain - Barbarian, Gathlain - Bard, Gathlain - Bloodrager, Gathlain - Cavalier, Gathlain - Druid, Gathlain - Hunter, Gathlain - Ranger, Gathlain - Rogue, Gathlain - Shaman, Gathlain - Skald, Gathlain - Summoner, Gathlain - Witch, Ghoran - Druid, Ghoran - Hunter, Ghoran - Mesmerist, Ghoran - Ranger, Ghoran - Rogue, Ghoran - Shaman, Ghoran - Shifter, Ghoran - Sorcerer, Ghoran - Witch, Gnome - Shifter, Half-Elf - Shifter, Halfling - Shifter, Half-Orc - Shifter, Human - Shifter, Vine Leshy - Alchemist, Vine Leshy - Bard, Vine Leshy - Druid, Vine Leshy - Kineticist, Vine Leshy - Oracle, Vine Leshy - Ranger, Vine Leshy - Rogue, Vine Leshy - Shaman

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [15]

Vine Leshy - Agile, Ghoran - Creator's Legacy, Gathlain - Flighty, Vine Leshy - Grapevine, Gathlain - Honey Whisperer, Gathlain - Intense Curiosity, Ghoran - Martial Recollection (Ex), Ghoran - Occult Scion, Gathlain - Otherworldly Gossip, Vine Leshy - Poisonous, Ghoran - Spelleater, Vine Leshy - Swamp Leshy, Gathlain - Titled, Gathlain - Tree Dialect, Gathlain - Tree-Born

Shifter Aspects [15]

Bat, Bear, Bull, Deinonychus, Falcon, Frog, Lizard, Monkey, Mouse, Owl, Snake, Stag, Tiger, Wolf, Wolverine

Spells [8]

Delectable Flesh, Grasping Vine, Leshy Swarm, Seed Spies, Waft, Wing Bounty, Wing Thorns, Wooden Wing Shield

Subdomains [1]