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Control Weather

Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 261 (Amazon)
School transmutation; Level arcanist 7, cleric/oracle 7, druid 7, shaman 7, sorcerer/wizard 7, witch 7


Casting Time 10 minutes; see text
Components V, S


Range 2 miles
Area 2-mile-radius circle, centered on you; see text
Duration 4d12 hours; see text
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


You change the weather in the local area. It takes 10 minutes to cast the spell and an additional 10 minutes for the effects to manifest. You can call forth weather appropriate to the climate and season of the area you are in. You can also use this spell to cause the weather in the area to become calm and normal for the season.

SeasonPossible Weather
SpringTornado, thunderstorm, sleet storm, or hot weather
SummerTorrential rain, heat wave, or hailstorm
AutumnHot or cold weather, fog, or sleet
WinterFrigid cold, blizzard, or thaw
Late winterHurricane-force winds or early spring

You control the general tendencies of the weather, such as the direction and intensity of the wind. You cannot control specific applications of the weather—where lightning strikes, for example, or the exact path of a tornado. The weather continues as you left it for the duration, or until you use a standard action to designate a new kind of weather (which fully manifests itself 10 minutes later). Contradictory conditions are not possible simultaneously.

Control weather can do away with atmospheric phenomena (naturally occurring or otherwise) as well as create them.

A druid casting this spell doubles the duration and affects a circle with a 3-mile radius.

Mythic Control Weather

Source Mythic Adventures pg. 89
The casting time changes to 1 standard action, and the duration doubles. The weather changes after a number of rounds equal to 11 – your tier.

Augmented (6th): If you expend two uses of mythic power, you can create weather of any type regardless of the season, and the weather changes after 1 round.