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F This spell has a focus component not normally included in a spell component pouch.
M This spell has a material component not normally included in a spell component pouch.
R Spell requires a requisite religion or race. If religion, spellcaster must worship the listed deity to utilize the spell. If race, the spell might only target members of the listed race (the spell will say this if it does), but often are just the race's guarded secrets. Members of other races can learn to cast them with GM permission.
T In order to prepare any of these spells, the caster must spend an hour performing a ritual in which he beseeches Torag (or a member of his family) for the aid of one of his divine family members. For 24 hours after the ritual, the caster may prepare spells of the requested deity. The caster may only attune himself to one additional deity at a time.
Y This spell has a Mythic version.

Inquisitor Spells

0-Level Spells

Acid Splash: Orb deals 1d3 acid damage.
Bleed: Cause a stabilized creature to resume dying.
Brand: Creates permanent brand on target creature.
Create Water: Creates 2 gallons/level of pure water.
Daze: Humanoid creature of 4 HD or less loses next action.
Detect Magic: Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Detect Poison: Detects poison in one creature or object.
Disrupt Undead: Deals 1d6 damage to one undead.
Guidance: +1 on one attack roll, saving throw, or skill check.
Light: Object shines like a torch.
Read Magic: Read scrolls and spellbooks.
Resistance: Subject gains +1 on saving throws.
Sift: See area as though examining it.
Stabilize: Cause a dying creature to stabilize.
Virtue: Subject gains 1 temporary hp.

1st-Level Spells

Abadar's TruthtellingR: Force the target to speak the truth.
Alarm: Wards an area for 2 hours/level.
Animal Purpose Training: Animal gains a new general purpose.
Aspect of the NightingaleR: Your voice becomes clear and plesant, like a nightingale.
Authenticating Gaze: Gain a bonus on Appraise/Linguistics checks related to books and scrolls, along with some magical detection abilities.
BaneY: Enemies take –1 on attack rolls and saves against fear.
Barbed Chains: a
Bed of Iron: Allow the enchanted to sleep comfortably in medium or heavy armor.
BlessY: Allies gain +1 on attack rolls and saves against fear.
Bless WaterM: Makes holy water.
Blessing of the WatchR: Functions as bless, except lasts for 1 hour/level but only in the caster’s home city.
Bowstaff: A shortbow may double as a club, or a longbow as a quarterstaff.
Burst Bonds: 1d6 damage/level (max 5d6) to restraints.
Cause Fear: One creature of 5 HD or less flees for 1d4 rounds.
Cloak of Secrets: Filter speech from a given area to sound like a different conversation.
CommandY: One subject obeys selected command for 1 round.
Compel Hostility: Compels opponents to attack you instead of your allies.
Comprehend Languages: You understand all languages.
Cure Light WoundsY: Cures 1d8 damage + 1/level (max +5).
Curse WaterM: Makes unholy water.
Deadeye's ArrowR: Create an arrow of crackling electricity to harm your enemies or alert your allies.
Deadeye's Lore: Gain a +4 bonus on Survival and move full speed while tracking.
Detect Chaos: Reveals creatures, spells, or objects of selected alignment.
Detect Demon: Sense the presence of demons, their servants, and the Abyss.
Detect Evil: Reveals creatures, spells, or objects of selected alignment.
Detect Good: Reveals creatures, spells, or objects of selected alignment.
Detect Law: Reveals creatures, spells, or objects of selected alignment.
Detect Undead: Reveals undead within 60 ft.
Disguise Self: Changes your appearance.
Divine FavorY: You gain +1 per three levels on attack and damage rolls.
Doom: One subject takes –2 on attack rolls, damage rolls, saves, and checks.
Ear-Piercing ScreamY: Deal sonic damage and daze target.
Ears of the City: The target of this spell sees and hears a stream of past scenes and pieces of conversations related to local people and events.
Egorian Diplomacy: Coerce a target, cloud its memory of the encounter
Expeditious RetreatY: Your base land speed increases by 30 ft.
Fallback StrategyR: Gain a free re-roll while this spell is active.
Forbid Action: Target obeys command to not do something.
Forced Quiet: Target cannot make loud noises.
Gorum's ArmorY: Make a suit of armor or shield erupt in thousands of spikes, causing damage to natural attacks against you.
Haze of DreamsR: Fill an enemy’s head with waking dreams, slowing it down.
Heightened Awareness: Your recall and ability to process information improve.
Hex WardY: Target gains +4 on saves against witch hexes.
Hide from Undead: Undead can't perceive one subject/level.
Hide Weapon: Hide a weapon within your own arm.
Horn of Pursuit: Create three notes heard miles away.
Inflict Light WoundsY: Touch deals 1d8 damage +1/level (max +5).
Interrogation: Target answers questions or suffers pain.
Invisibility Alarm: As alarm, but reacting only to invisible creatures.
Keep Watch: Allow creatures to stand watch without fatigue throughout the night.
Know the EnemyY: Gain +10 on a monster Knowledge check.
Lend Judgment: Ally gains the benefit of one judgment.
LinebreakerR: Bonus to speed when charging and +2 CMB with overrun and bull rush.
Litany of Sloth: Single target cannot make attacks of opportunity for 1 round.
Litany of Weakness: Single target is fatigued for 1 round.
Lock Gaze: Compels the target to look only at you for the duration of the spell.
Locksight: Determine from a distance the quality of a lock and whether it is open, closed, or jammed.
Longshot: Grants a +10-foot bonus to the range increment for any ranged weapon fired.
Lucky Number: Tweak tiny variables in a creature’s immediate future.
Magic Weapon: Weapon gains +1 bonus.
Nature’s Paths: Find the shortest and easiest paths through the wilderness.
Peace Bond: Create a glowing rune of peace to protect targets from your own magic.
Peacebond: Locks a weapon in place on the target's body.
Peasant ArmamentsR: Transform improvised weapons into actual weapons.
Persuasive Goad: Target takes 1d6 nonlethal damage; you gain an Intimidate bonus.
Petulengro's Validation: Detect what creature a missing portion came from.
Pick Your PoisonR: Temporarily convert a deadly poison into intoxicating alcohol.
Poisoned EggR: Transform a single egg into a dose of poison.
Protection from ChaosY: +2 to AC and saves, plus additional protection against selected alignment.
Protection from EvilY: +2 to AC and saves, plus additional protection against selected alignment.
Protection from GoodY: +2 to AC and saves, plus additional protection against selected alignment.
Protection from LawY: +2 to AC and saves, plus additional protection against selected alignment.
Recharge Innate MagicR: Regain a use of all 0-level and 1st-level spell-like abilities.
Refine Improvised Weapon: Transform improvised weapon into a masterwork simple or martial weapon.
Remove Fear: Suppresses fear or gives +4 on saves against fear for one subject + one per four levels.
Returning Weapon: Grants a weapon the returning special weapon quality.
Sanctify Corpse: Prevent a corpse from becoming an undead.
SanctuaryY: Opponents can't attack you, and you can't attack.
Secret Sign: Invisibly inscribe a small mark or message on a creature or obejct.
Secret SpeechR: Send secret messages to others within normal speech.
Shield of FaithY: Aura grants +2 or higher deflection bonus.
Shield of Fortification: Target gains a 25% chance to treat critical hits and sneak attacks as normal hits.
Speak Local Language: Target gains the ability to speak and understand a regional human language.
Stalwart Resolve: Ignore the effects of ability damage and penalties to one score.
Stunning Barrier: Magical field grants a +1 bonus to AC and on saves, and stuns one creature attacking you.
Sure Casting: Treat your CL as 5 higher for the purposes of bypassing SR with the next spell you cast
Theft WardRY: Gain a +10 Perception bonus to notice someone trying to take a specific object from you.
Tireless Pursuit: Ignore fatigue while hustling.
Touch of CombustionR: Cause someone to combust with a touch.
True StrikeY: +20 on your next attack roll.
Unerring Weapon: Grants a +2 bonus, +1 per four caster levels, on attack rolls to confirm a critical hit.
Vocal Alteration: Disguise target's voice.
Wartrain Mount: Animal gains combat training.
Weapons Against EvilR: Enhance weapons with pale light that allow them to bypass minor DR of evil creatures.
Weaponwand: Merge a wand with your weapon, allowing you to wield the wand at the same time you use your weapon.
Winter FeathersR: Protect a feathered creature from the cold for a day.
Wrath: +1 attack and damage against target creature.

2nd-Level Spells

AbeyanceM: Suppress the effects of a single curse.
Acute Senses: Subject gains a bonus on Perception checks.
Aid: +1 on attack rolls and saves against fear, 1d8 temporary hp +1/level (max +10).
Align Weapon: Weapon becomes good, evil, lawful, or chaotic.
Anticipate Thoughts: Gain increasing bonuses to AC and on attack rolls and damage rolls against one creature.
Bestow InsightR: Grant the target a bonus on a skill check and consider them trained.
Bestow Weapon Proficiency: Grants a creature proficiency in a single weapon for short period of time.
Blessing of Luck and ResolveR: Increase resistance against fear.
Blistering InvectiveY: Make an Intimidate check against all foes within 30 feet; those demoralized also take fire damage.
Bloodbath: a
Bloodhound: Gives caster the scent special ability.
Boneshaker: a
Brittle PortalR: Reduce the hardness of obejcts within the area.
Brow Gasher: Slashing weapon deals bleed damage to an opponent's head.
Bullet WardF: Adamantine bullets intercept firearm attacks.
Calm Emotions: Calms creatures, negating emotion effects.
Castigate: Causes target to be shaken and cower.
Codespeak: Allow targets to share understanding in a secret and unique language.
Confess: Creature answers question truthfully or takes 1d6 damage/two levels (max 5d6).
ConsecrateMY: Fills area with positive energy, weakening undead.
Corruption Resistance: Protects creature against damage from alignment-based attacks.
Cure Moderate WoundsY: Cures 2d8 damage + 1/level (max +10).
DarknessY: 20-ft. radius of supernatural shadow.
Death CandleR: Create a howling fire elemental from the remains of the target’s life energy.
Death KnellY: Kills dying creature; you gain 1d8 temporary hp, +2 to Str, and +1 caster level.
Defending BoneR: Animate a bone to float near you and block physical attacks.
Delay DiseaseR: Grant the target temporary immunity to disease.
Delay Pain: Ignore pain for 1 hour/level.
Delay Poison: Stops poison from harming target for 1 hour/level.
Demand Offering: Make a creature give you an object it’s holding.
DesecrateMY: Fills area with negative energy, making undead stronger.
Detect Relations: Detect whether or not creatures are related by blood.
Detect Thoughts: Allows “listening” to surface thoughts.
Discovery Torch: Object touched emanates bright light, granting Perception and Sense Motive bonuses.
Disguise Other: As disguise self, but affects you or another.
Display Aversion: Create an illusion to repulse a vampire.
Distressing Tone: Sound sickens 1d4 creatures.
Early JudgmentR: Show a creature the reward or punishment that awaits it after death.
Effortless Armor: Armor you wear no longer slows your speed.
Enshroud Thoughts: Ward yourself against thought detection and memory alteration.
Enthrall: Captivates all within 100 ft. + 10 ft./level.
Escaping WardR: Gain maneuverability by avoiding the attacks of larger creatures.
Evaluator’s Lens: Summon a lens of force to help protect yourself from figments/patterns or identify items.
FairnessR: Force humanoid creatures to trade fairly with each other.
Find Traps: Notice traps as a rogue does.
Flames of the FaithfulY: Gives weapon flaming property.
Fleshy Facade: Alter your appearance to appear living.
Focused Scrutiny: Gain skill bonuses when interacting with the target.
Follow Aura: Gain ability to follow the trail of the aura of an alignment.
Force Anchor: Skewer and anchor incorporeal targets with a force anchor.
Garrulous Grin: Plant a seed of doubt in the target, causing self-doubt.
Ghost Whip: Create a ghost touch whip that passes through objects.
Ghostbane Dirge: Incorporeal creature takes half damage from nonmagical weapons.
Ghostly Disguise: You look like a ghost of yourself.
Hold Person: Paralyzes one humanoid for 1 round/level.
Holy Ice WeaponM: Create a masterwork weapon made of frozen holy water.
Honeyed Tongue: Roll 2 dice when using Diplomacy, take higher roll.
Howling Agony: Screaming pain limits the target's actions.
Hunter's Lore: Make untrained Knowledge checks to identify monsters, and take 20 on Knowledge checks you are already trained in.
Inflict Moderate WoundsY: Touch attack, 2d8 damage + 1/level (max +10).
Inflict Pain: Target takes a –4 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks.
Inheritor's SmiteR: Gain a bonus on your next attack; if it hits, attempt a free bull rush.
Inner Focus: Ignore divine focus components of your spells.
Instant Weapon: Summon a melee weapon to wield.
Instrument of Agony: Weapon exudes divine fury, granting a bonus on Intimidate checks.
InvisibilityY: Subject is invisible for 1 min./level or until it attacks.
KnockY: Opens locked or magically sealed door.
Light PrisonR: Surround a creature with a light prison, damaging and blinding it if it attempts to escape.
Litany of Defense: Doubles armor's enhancement bonus.
Magic Siege Engine: Siege gains +1 on targeting and damage rolls.
Mindshock: Charge your attacks with violent psychic energy.
Muffle Sound: Allies gain a bonus on Stealth checks but risk verbal spell failure.
Perceive Cues: +5 Perception and Sense Motive 10 min./level.
Protection from Chaos, Communal: As protection from chaos, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Protection from Evil, Communal: As protection from evil, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Protection from Good, Communal: As protection from good, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Protection from Law, Communal: As protection from law, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Protection from Outsiders: Ward a creature against attacks from outsides with a specific racial subtype, more powerful than protection from evil or similar spells.
Psychic Reading: Read surface thoughts to learn information about a subject.
Qualm: Target gains penalties on ability checks, skill checks, and concentration checks until it spends an entire round doing nothing.
Remove Paralysis: Frees creatures from paralysis or slow effect.
Resist EnergyY: Ignores 10 (or more) points of damage/attack from specified energy type.
Restoration, Lesser: Dispels magical ability penalty or repairs 1d4 ability damage.
Returning Weapon, Communal: As returning weapon, but you may divide the duration among weapons touched.
Righteous Blood: Infuse a good target with holy energy.
Rovagug's FuryR: Create a minor earthquake to trip creatures.
Sacred BondFY: Cast touch healing spells from a distance.
Savage MawR: Transform your mouth into a ferocious maw, gain a bestial roar to demoralize your enemies.
See Invisibility: Reveals invisible creatures or objects.
Shared SufferingF: Deal damage to another creature by harming yourself.
Shield OtherFY: You take half of subject's damage.
SilenceY: Negates sound in 20-ft. radius.
Soothing Word: Lessen the severity of a target’s conditions.
Spell GaugeR: Discover some spells the target has prepared.
Spiritual WeaponY: Magic weapon attacks on its own.
Stoke the Inner FireR: Increase the natural heat of your body, transferring it to weapons and armor.
Stricken Heart: Touch attack deals 2d6 damage and staggers target.
Surmount AfflictionY: Temporarily suppress one condition.
Tactical Acumen: You gain an additional +1 on attack rolls or to AC due to battlefield positioning.
Tactical Miscalculation: Prevent a creature from making attacks of opportunity.
Telepathic Censure: Create an invisible psychic interference that inhibits telepathic communication.
Tongues: Speak and understand any language.
Undetectable Alignment: Conceals alignment for 24 hours.
Unholy Ice WeaponM: Create a masterwork weapon made of frozen unholy water.
Urgathoa's Beacon: Cause creatures to attract the attention of undead
Vexing Miscalculation: Prevent the target from scoring critical hits.
Weapon of Awe: Weapon gets +2 on damage rolls.
Whispering Wind: Sends a short message 1 mile/level.
Zone of Truth: Subjects within range cannot lie.

3rd-Level Spells

Adjustable Disguise: As disguise self, but you can change the disguise as a swift action.
Agonizing RebukeR: Force your attacker to suffer mental pain when harming you.
Align Weapon, Communal: As align weapon, but you can divide the duration among weapons touched.
Anti-Summoning Shield: Impede the use of summon spells.
Apparent Treachery: Shroud creatures in an aura of suspicion and paranoia.
Arcane Sight: Magical auras become visible to you.
Aura of Inviolate Ownership: Ward your attended items against theft.
Banish Seeming: Dispels touched illusion or a creature's change in form.
Battle TranceRY: Gain ferocity, bonus hit points, and +4 vs. mind-affecting effects.
Bite the Hand: Compel a summoned creature to attack its summoner.
Blessing of the Mole: 1 ally/level gains darkvision and a +2 Stealth bonus.
Blinding RayRY: Fire blinding rays of sunlight to blind enemies and damage those with sensitivity to light.
Blood Biography: Learn about a creature with its blood.
Blood of the Martyr: Cause someone to bleed from every orifice; drinking this blood will heal your wounds.
Blood ScentR: Magnify the target’s ability to smell the presence of blood.
Bloody Arrows: Enhance ranged weaponry to deal bleed damage.
Burst of Speed: You gain increased speed, and your movement ignores attacks of opportunity and allows you to move through the space of creatures larger than you are.
Cast Out: Does 2d8 damage +1/level (max +15) to creature and dispels an effect.
Channel VigorR: Focus your energy into a specific part of your body, giving you various enhancements.
Claim Identity: Steal a creature's face
Cleromancy: Use rolled dice to grant luck bonuses to future spells.
Contagious Zeal: Grant bonuses and temporary hit points that spread from creature to creature.
Continual FlameM: Makes a permanent, heatless light.
Coordinated Effort: Grants allies a teamwork feat.
Countless Eyes: Extra eyes give all-around vision.
Cure Serious WoundsY: Cures 3d8 damage + 1/level (max +15).
Daybreak ArrowY: Targeted ammunition exudes radiant energy.
DaylightY: 60-ft. radius of bright light.
Deadly Juggernaut: Your might increases with every kill you make.
Deeper Darkness: Object sheds supernatural shadow in 60-ft. radius.
Delay Poison, Communal: As delay poison, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Dimensional Anchor: Bars extradimensional movement.
Dispel MagicY: Cancels one magical spell or effect.
Disrupt Link: Sever the target’s link with her bonded creature.
Domination Link: Read thought echoes of a creature mentally controlling another.
Draconic Malice: Cause living creatures to lose their immunity to fear or mind-affecting effects vs your spells.
Eldritch Fever: Target gains the eldritch ague spellblight.
False AlibiMR: Modify the target’s memory in a specific way.
Fearsome DuplicateR: Create a menacing duplicate of yourself to interact with others.
Fester: Gives subject SR 12 + your level vs. healing effects.
Find Fault: Learn many of the target’s weaknesses and gain a +5 bonus on your next attack.
FrosthammerR: Hurl a warhammer of magically hardened ice at your target.
Full PouchM: Divide a consumable alchemical item into two nearly identical copies.
Glyph of WardingMY: Inscription harms those who pass it.
Guardian Monument, Lesser: Bless a monument to imbue nearby humans with 2/magic damage reduction.
Halt Undead: Immobilizes undead for 1 round/level.
HeroismY: Gives +2 on attack rolls, saves, skill checks.
Hidden Speech: Gain +10 on Bluff to send secret messages.
Horrifying Visage: Cause creatures to gain a phobia
Hunter's Eye: +20 on Perception checks to locate a target.
Improve TrapR: Increase a trap’s effectiveness.
Inflict Serious WoundsY: Touch attack, 3d8 damage + 1/level (max +15).
Insect Scouts: Create insects to scout an area for you.
Invisibility Purge: Dispels invisibility within 5 ft./level.
Isolate: Make a creature invisible and silent to their allies.
Keen Edge: Doubles normal weapon's threat range.
Light of Iomedae: Illuminate all undead creatures in the area and make them more vulnerable to positive energy.
Lightning Lash: Create a cackling lash of unholy lightning.
Litany of Eloquence: Fascinates a single creature for 1 round.
Litany of Entanglement: Entangles a creature for 1 round.
Litany of Righteousness: A single evil creature takes more damage from creatures with a good aura.
Litany of Warding: You gain two additional attacks of opportunity for 1 round.
Locate Object: Senses direction toward object (specific or type).
Locate Weakness: You roll damage twice when you roll damage for a critical hit and take the best damage.
Magic Circle against Chaos: As protection spells, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
Magic Circle against Evil: As protection spells, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
Magic Circle against Good: As protection spells, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
Magic Circle against Law: As protection spells, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
Magic VestmentY: Armor or shield gains +1 enhancement per four levels.
Magic Weapon, GreaterY: Weapon gains +1 bonus/four levels (max +5).
Mantle of Calm: Neutralize the rage effects of those who have attacked you.
Miasmal DreadR: Spew a cloud of sickly green mist to demoralize all it contacts.
Mythic Severance: Restrict target’s access to its mythic power.
Night of BladesR: Create an immobile wall of tiny black blades.
NondetectionM: Hides subject from divination, scrying.
Obscure Object: Masks object against scrying.
Planar InquiryM: Call an extraplanar creature to answer your questions.
PrayerY: Allies get +1 bonus on most rolls, enemies –1 penalty.
Protection from Energy: Absorb 12 points/level of damage from one kind of energy.
Quell Energy: Reduce the target’s ability to tap into a specific energy type
Raven’s Flight: Quickly turn into a tiny blurred shape with flight.
Reaper’s Coterie: Target weapon gains bonus damage for defeating enemies.
Remove Curse: Frees object or person from curse.
Remove Disease: Cures all diseases affecting subject.
Resist Energy, Communal: As resist energy, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Respectful QuietR: Render all targets silent, but only one-way.
Retribution: Recent attacker is afflicted with penalties.
Retributive Reparations: Creatures that take this item become cursed with fatigue.
Righteous Vigor: Boosts attack bonus with each hit.
Riversight: See events transpiring along a natural watercourse you touch.
SadomasochismR: Take more damage from opponents, but force them to become demoralized.
Searing LightY: Ray deals 1d8/two levels damage (more against undead).
Seek Thoughts: Detects thinking creatures' thoughts.
Selective Invisibility: Allow one creature to see you while invisible.
Shield of Fortification, Greater: Target gains a 50% chance to treat critical hits and sneak attacks as normal hits.
Speak with Dead: Corpse answers one question/two levels.
Stage Fright: Give the target a -4 penalty on ability checks, skill checks, and any checks requiring concentration.
Stunning Barrier, Greater: Magical field grants a +2 bonus to AC and on saves, and stuns multiple creatures attacking you.
Terrible Remorse: Creature is compelled to harm itself.
Trial by Fire: Test a creature's purity of convictions by exposing it to a sheet of divine fire.
Unholy Ward: Resist damage from holy sources, smite evil, etc.
Ward the Faithful: Creatures of same faith gain bonuses to AC and on saving throws.
Winged Sword: Grant a weapon the throwing special ability.
Witness: See through the target's eyes and ears.

4th-Level Spells

Ardor's Onslaught: Unleash the power of zealous conviction to harm those with a neutral alignment component.
Aura Sight: Alignment auras become visible to you.
Awaken the Devoured: Deal 1d8/level nonlethal damage to a daemon and make it confused.
Ban Corruption: a
Battlemind LinkY: You and an ally gain attack and AC bonuses.
Beacon of LuckR: Send out a burst of luck to allies around you.
Blightburn Weapon: Transform a weapon into pure blightburn.
Brand, Greater: As brand, but brand glows when near your holy symbol.
Burst of GloryR: Increase your allie’s attack rolls, saves against fear, and hit points.
Chaos HammerY: Harms and slows lawful creatures (1d8 damage/2 levels).
Charon's Dispensation: Protection from the River Styx.
Coward's Lament: If subject doesn't attack you it receives a penalty.
Crusader's EdgeY: Grant a weapon the evil outsider bane quality and nauseate evil outsiders with a critical hit.
Cure Critical WoundsY: Cures 4d8 damage + 1/level (max +20).
Curse of Magic NegationM: Target gains the negated spellblight.
Daze, Mass: As daze, but affecting multiple creatures.
Death Knell Aura: Create an aura that feeds on the souls of those who die within it.
Death Ward: Grants bonuses against death spells and negative energy.
DeathlessY: Prevent death from hit point damage so long as this spell persists.
Defile ArmorY: As sanctify armor, but gain DR 5/good when using judgment or smite.
Denounce: Worsens creatures' attitudes.
Detect ScryingY: Alerts you to magical eavesdropping.
Discern Lies: Reveals deliberate falsehoods.
Dismissal: Forces a creature to return to native plane.
DivinationM: Provides useful advice for specific proposed actions.
Divine Power: You gain attack bonuses and 1 hp/level.
DungeonsightF: Receive a clear and memorable view of the layout of the nearby area.
Enchantment Foil: Trick opponents who try to cast enchantments on you.
Fear: Subjects within cone flee for 1 round/level.
Find Quarry: You can sense whether a particular creature is within 20 miles of your location.
Fleshworm Infestation: Worms deal hp and Dex damage.
Forced Repentance: Target falls prone and confesses sins.
Forceful Strike: Strike a creature with great force, dealing extra damage and knocking it back.
Freedom of Movement: Subject moves normally despite impediments to restrict movement.
Geas, Lesser: Commands subject of 7 HD or less.
Healing WarmthR: Gain protection from fire, use absorbed energy to heal others.
Hold Monster: As hold person, but any creature.
Holy SmiteY: Harms and possibly blinds evil creatures (1d8 damage/2 levels).
Inflict Critical WoundsY: Touch attack, 4d8 damage + 1/level (max +20).
Interrogation, Greater: As interrogation, except with more pain and more questions.
Invisibility, Greater: As invisibility, but subject can attack and stay invisible.
Judgment Light: You gain an additional effect while a judgment is active.
Leashed Shackles: Target is restricted to a specific location.
Litany of Escape: Teleports a friend out of a grapple.
Litany of Sight: You can see invisible creatures and objects within 30 feet of you.
Magic Siege Engine, Greater: Siege engine gains +1 on targeting and damage rolls for every four caster levels.
Mark of the Reptile God: Mark a creature with an acidic curse.
Named BulletY: Imbues ammunition with accuracy against a specific creature type.
Neutralize Poison: Immunizes subject against poison, detoxifies venom in or on subject.
Order's WrathY: Harms and dazes chaotic creatures (1d8 damage/2 levels).
Persistent Vigor: Gain fast healing 2, immunity to bleed, and faster recovery from diseases and poisons.
Planeslayer's Call: Allies gain benefits against outsiders of an alignment you choose.
Probe HistoryR: Find answers to Knowledge questions by looking at alternate realities.
Protection from Energy, Communal: As protection from energy, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Rebuke: Foes take 1d8 damage/two caster levels (max 5d8).
Remove Radioactivity: Remove radiation effects from a target.
Reprobation: Marked target is shunned by your religion.
RestorationM: Restores level and ability score drains.
Rune of Ruin: Curse a magic item, weakening it and causing its magical qualities to fail half of the time.
Sanctify ArmorY: +1 AC/four levels (max +5).
SendingY: Delivers short message anywhere, instantly.
Sessile Spirit: Cause a spirit inhabiting a creature or an object to go dormant.
Shadow Barbs: Create a vicious spiked chain enshrouded in shadow.
Shared Wrath: As wrath, but affects multiple creatures.
SleepwalkM: Causes creature to move while asleep.
Smite AbominationR: Emulate a paladin’s power to smite undead.
Spell Immunity: Subject is immune to one spell per 4 levels.
Sphere of Warding: Create a sphere of energy to dispossess incorporeal creatures of stolen bodies.
StoneskinMY: Grants DR 10/adamantine.
Thaumaturgic Circle: As magic circle, but affecting a non-alignment subtype or outsider race.
Tireless Pursuers: As tireless pursuit, but affects many targets rather than one.
Tough Crowd: Grant allies a +4 bonus to resist enchantments/illusions.
Transplant Visage: Remove the face and eyes of a creature, magically melding them with your own.
Undeath Ward: Create a barrier to repel undead.
Unholy BlightY: Harms and sickens good creatures (1d8 damage/2 levels).
Ward Shield: Enchant a shield with Spell Resistance and a bonus against area-effect spells.

5th-Level Spells

AtonementF: Removes burden of misdeeds from subject and reverses magical alignment change.
Banishing Blade: Enhanced weapon gets free bull rush attempts on attacks.
Banishment: Banishes 2 HD/level of extraplanar creatures.
Blood Ties: a
Break EnchantmentY: Frees subjects from enchantments, transmutations, and curses.
Castigate, Mass: As castigate, but affects multiple creatures.
Chains of Light: Hold a creature immobile with glowing chains with the added benefit of preventing the use of any extradimension travel.
Claim Identity, GreaterM: Turn a creautre into a mask, which can be used to take on its appearence
Command, Greater: As command, but affects one subject/level.
CommuneM: Deity answers one yes-or-no question/level.
Compelling Rant: a
Cure Light Wounds, Mass: Cures 1d8 damage + 1/level, affects 1 subject/level.
Dimensional Blade: Turn your weapon into a two-dimensional object that can more easily bypass armor.
Dispel Balance: Protect yourself from neutral creatures and banish them to their home planes.
Dispel Chaos: +4 bonus against attacks.
Dispel Evil: +4 bonus against attacks.
Dispel Good: +4 bonus against attacks.
Dispel Law: +4 bonus against attacks.
Disrupting Weapon: Melee weapon destroys undead.
Divine PursuitY: Gain a movement type of your prey.
Flame StrikeY: Smites foes with divine fire (1d6/level damage).
Forbid Action, Greater: As forbid action, but 1 creature/level.
Foster Hatred: Cause creatures to hate one type of creature.
Freedom's ToastR: Teleport the target a short distance while freeing them from restraints.
Geas/Quest: As lesser geas, but affects any creature.
Ghostbane Dirge, Mass: As ghostbane dirge, but affects multiple creatures.
Guardian Monument, Greater: As lesser guardian monument, except with DR 4/magic.
HallowM: Designates location as holy.
Hunter's BlessingR: Grant creatures the benefits of favored enemy and favored terrain.
Inflict Light Wounds, Mass: Deals 1d8 damage + 1/level, affects 1 subject/level.
Inflict Pain, Mass: As inflict pain, but affecting one creature per level.
Lend Judgment, Greater: Ally receives all your judgments.
Litany of Thunder: A single target is deafened until the condition is removed, and is confused for 1 round.
Litany of Vengeance: Allies attacking the target of the spell gain a +5 bonus on damage rolls for 1 round.
Mark of Justice: Designates action that triggers curse on subject.
Resounding Blow: Melee attack deals 1d6 more damage.
Righteous Might: Your size increases, and you gain bonuses in combat.
Sabotage Construct: As confusion, but only affects constructs.
SoulswitchF: Swap your soul with your familiar’s.
Spawn WardR: Protect the target from energy drain, blood drain, and being made into undead spawn.
Spell Immunity, Communal: As spell immunity, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Spell Resistance: Subject gains SR 12 + level.
Stoneskin, CommunalM: As stoneskin, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Telepathic Bond: Link lets allies communicate.
True SeeingM: Lets you see all things as they really are.
UnhallowM: Designates location as unholy.
Unwilling ShieldM: Subject shares wounds you receive.

6th-Level Spells

Arbitrament: Create a large effect that can sicken or even kill those with non-neutral alignments.
Artificer’s Curse: Temporarily suppress the most powerful qualities of a magical item.
Besmara's Grasping Depths: Use the restless dead to down your targets
Bite the Hand, Mass: As Bite the Hand but with multiple creatures.
Blade BarrierY: Wall of blades deals 1d6/level damage.
BlasphemyY: Kills, paralyzes, weakens, or dazes nonevil subjects.
Blessing of Luck and Resolve, MassR: As blessing of luck and resolve but with multiple creatures.
Circle of DeathMY: Kills 1d4/level HD of creatures.
Cleanse: As heal, but only cures 4d8 damage +1/level (max +25).
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass: Cures 2d8 damage + 1/level, affects 1 subject/level.
Death Knell Aura, Greater: As death knell aura, except dying creatures die much faster within the aura.
DictumY: Kills, paralyzes, staggers, or deafens nonlawful targets.
Dispel Magic, Greater: Works as dispel magic, but can affect multiple targets.
Emblem of Greed: Transform a melee weapon into a powerful burning glaive like ones wielded by the ancient Runelords.
Fester, Mass: As fester, but affecting multiple targets.
Find the Path: Shows most direct way to a location.
ForbiddanceM: Blocks planar travel, damages creatures of different alignment.
Glyph of Warding, GreaterM: As glyph of warding, but up to 10d8 damage or 6th-level spell.
HarmY: Deals 10 points/level damage to target.
HealY: Cures 10 points/level damage, all diseases and mental conditions.
Heroes' Feast: Food for one creature/level cures and grants combat bonuses.
Holy WordY: Kills, paralyzes, blinds, or deafens nongood subjects.
Inflict Moderate Wounds, Mass: Deals 2d8 damage + 1/level, affects 1 subject/level.
Legend LoreMF: Lets you learn tales about a person, place, or thing.
Litany of Madness: A single target is confused for at least 1 round.
Named Bullet, Greater: As named bullet, but deals 2 points of damage for every caster level.
Neutralize Poison, Greater: As neutralize poison, but with an automatic success on all caster level checks to neutralize poisons.
Overwhelming Presence: Creatures bow before you as if you were divine.
Plague BearerR: Make the target a carrier of numerous diseases.
RepulsionF: Creatures can't approach you.
Seer’s BaneR: As nondetection, but damages those who cast divination spells on the warded creature/item.
Tactical Insight: (Mass Combat Spell) Grant mastery of a single tactic to an army.
Unconscious Agenda: Plant a subconscious directive in the target’s mind.
Undeath to DeathFM: Destroys 1d4 HD/level undead (max. 20d4).
Unshakeable Zeal: Grant benefits on future attempts after failed checks, and protect against fear and emotion effects.
Vision of Lamashtu: As nightmare, but can deliver a second spell when the target awakens.
Word of ChaosY: Kills, confuses, stuns, or deafens nonchaotic subjects.